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    Unanswered: moving data from one tab to another

    I have 5 forms that have been embedded as subforms into a "master form". All tables all use the same data as the PK. What i'd like to do is when the user fills in sub form A on tab1, (I'm going to use a tab control to organize everything on the master form), I'd like to save the PK field info and automatically fill it in on subform B for them.
    How would i do this?

    Also, in general, if i have validation logic that needs to be run for each sub form before allowing them to save, should i code this stuff on the "master form" or on the sub form itself? So far, i've been doing it on the sub form itself. hope that's correct.
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    Exclamation weird

    I think I've figured out a part of it. I'm using the Form_Current sub to do the following
    This works, but not for all tabs. It works on for the second tab. Not the 1st. Any ideas why? It almost seems like the first subform is not being loaded. It appears embedded just fine.. but none of the code is running. The master form has the following:

    1. a summary section at the top which is bound to a summary table with PK ABC.
    2. page control that has subformA and subformB, both containing PK ABC.
    When I fill out the PK value in the summary section, this info gets populated into subformB but not subformA
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