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    Unanswered: Crosstab Value setting

    can a crosstab value be set to something like record1 & ", " & record2
    for instance if record1 was 233 and record2 was 345 could i pull the data to show like so

    233, 345


    Field1 Field2
    AA 233
    AA 345
    BB 124
    BB 789

    Field1 Field2
    AA 233,345
    BB 124,789

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    From your brief explanation, I think you want to set a constant set of column headings, e.g. Jan Feb Mar Apr through to Dec.

    If Im barking up the right tree, once you have created the crosstab query, go to the design view of the query, highlight the column with Column Heading in the crosstab line.

    Go to the properties of the column, enter your required column headings in the "Column Headings" fields, see attached example.

    Note once you set your column heading are set, the query must have the same format date = Jan - column heading = Jan then data will be produced in that field, if you format date = January - column heading = Jan then crosstab output will be null
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    I understand that part, and I'm doing it that way now, but I don't want to add the numbers I want to add pull them together in a string like 234,567,890
    and have commas separate them.

    Right now I'm just pulling the "First" and of course it only pulls one number. I want it to get all numbers, but not add(sum) them.

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