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    Unanswered: Database design-room availability


    I am developing a .Net application for a Guest house for my final year project. I'm using C# and SQL Server. I want a way to look up if a room is available or not on a particular date.

    First I came up with...
    Room: Room_id(PK), Room_type, Room_rate_pp, Room_availability

    but how can I distinguish whether a room is available on a particular date? I think Room_availability is useless in this table because it can't do this. Do I need some sort of calendar table or something?

    Your help with this would be greatly appreciated. it's annoying me so much, and I can't move on with the project until I have my database finalised



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    If you want to keep it simple you can just add another table that links to the rooms table and contains any reservations made for the rooms in a 1 to many relationship. Quering this table would tell you if a room is available in a particular date, or date range.

    Also, if I was your teacher, I wouldn't give you an "A" if your database design was this basic and feature poor

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