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    Unanswered: 22 inch form limit

    I've created a database from an 8 page questionnaire with questions all linked to the subject ID (in other words, each 8-page questionnaire is about 1 subject). I have the data normalized fairly well thanks to some links I saw in this forum. However, now I'm running into problems regarding length of the form. Because the original questionnaire is 8 pages, the 22 inch form limit is not nearly enough. I had used tabs that run across the form horizontally, but the users doing the data input had too much trouble clicking the tabs and scrolling across. They said it was too much of a hassle and slowed them down, so they want me to change it so the questions flow vertically. But I don't know how to get around this 22 inch vertical limit. I would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

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    use a tabbed dialog, break the questions into similar blocks

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    or use win defaults

    U can difine shortcuts to tabs like tab1.caption = &1 if they then press alt+1 they goto specified tab

    or let them use the win default hot keyzzz
    Ctrl+Tab = goto next tab
    Ctrl+Shift+Tab = goto previus one
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    You might want to consider a Questionnaire Wizard similar to wizards you find throughout Windows. What I would do is create a Main Form and several subforms. For example, questions 1-20 appear on subform 1, when the user is done they click the Next button and SubForm1 is made not visible and SubForm2 is made visible. Make sure to stack the subforms on top of each other. I think this approach is similar to the approach Windows takes and most people are more familiar with this type of flow.

    If that is not acceptable, then another possibility is to add several subforms to a main form, and allow 4-5 inches for each one. Even though the forms are each 10 inches, adding a vertical scroll bar to each will allow the user to have them in order vertically and on the same form.

    And a third option is to move the cursor for the user on a tabbed control. Once the answer for question 20 is entered and the user exits the field, automatically pop into the answer field for #21 on the second page of the tabbed control.

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