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    Unanswered: 22 inch limit in forms

    I've created a database from an 8 page questionnaire with questions all linked to the subject ID (in other words, each 8-page questionnaire is about 1 subject). I have the data normalized fairly well thanks to some links I saw in this forum. However, now I'm running into problems regarding length of the form. Because the original questionnaire is 8 pages, the 22 inch form limit is not nearly enough. I had used tabs that run across the form horizontally, but the users doing the data input had too much trouble clicking the tabs and scrolling across. They said it was too much of a hassle and slowed them down, so they want me to change it so the questions flow vertically. But I don't know how to get around this 22 inch vertical limit. I would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

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    I am sure there are more sophisticated ways of doing it but I just uses a number of forms. Each form is identical in size and all are set to open exactly the same distance from the top. (I don't use full screen forms)

    On each form I have a label for Next Page and Previous page. Clicking on either opens the appropriate form and closes the other form. You could also do it by having all forms open together and Next and Previous simply bring the appropriate from forward. If go this way the next or previous appears instantly but you need to make sure you have a refresh or saverecord there.

    You might also place on each form labels such as Page 1, Page 2 etc. Overlaying those labels you have "You are Here" or whatever and you set the property of those labels to visible or invisible when a page is selected.

    You can really waste some with this sort of stuff

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