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    Unanswered: backing to TSM problem

    Hi Folks,

    DB2: DB2 UDB Express Edition v8.2 FP 11
    OS: Windows 2003 64-bit
    TSM client: TSM client v 5.4.1

    I have another TSM question.

    I am trying to set up backups using TSM on DB2 UDB Express Edition and I can't find the adsm directory under SQLLIB to intialize the password. Now I am wondering if it is supported or not or is it somewhere else where I can't find it.

    When I run db2adutl query in DB2 CLP, i get that db2adutl is not a recognized internal or external command.

    Would appreciate any help in this.


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    I found the problem.

    DB2 v8 FP 11 does not support TSM if the OS is Windows x64. (strange problem!!!!) It is fixed in FP 12.

    Here's the APAR:

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