hello freinds !

i am trying to exprt a table of access to the existing workbook
and i wrote some code bt doesnt seem to work
my code is:
Function Get_NEWSHEET_Differences()

path = MakeFileName()
'Create the Excel Object

Dim FName As String
Dim PArray() As String
Dim appXL As Excel.Application
Dim wkbXL As Excel.workBook
Dim wksXL As Excel.workSheet
Dim wksPivot As Excel.workSheet
Dim objXLRange As Excel.range

Set appXL = New Excel.Application
Set wkbXL = appXL.workbooks.Open(path)
''Set wkbXL = GetObject(path)
Set wksXL = wkbXL.Worksheets.Add
Set wksXL = wkbXL.Worksheets("sheet2")
appXL.DisplayAlerts = False

With wksXL
'something has to be done here i geuss

End With
appXL.DisplayAlerts = True
Set objXLRange = Nothing
Set wksPivot = Nothing
Set wksXL = Nothing
Set wkbXL = Nothing
Set appXL = Nothing
End Function

any suggestions would be appreciated