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    Unhappy Unanswered: Inserts not taking place in th e proper order


    The application I am working upon is built on java with sybase as backend.
    Weblogic is the application server.

    From the application a stored procedure is fired in a while loop based upon the tables populated by the procedure. This stored procedure calls other sp,

    Now, when i am running application in no server mode .... every thing is going fine. All inserts, updates,deletes to table are in desired manner

    But when I run application in server mode the SP behaves differently. It appears to work in avery asynchronous manner. The order of statement executions in sp suddenly changes.

    I made some inserts in a table to record the activity going within the sp.
    and this was strangest part. Sometimes rows were inserted and sometimes not. same is appearing with delete statements..

    following is the piece of log i generated.

    pLease help me to find out what explains this behaviour
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    What do you mean by "server" mode?


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