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    Question Unanswered: Charting Help(arrays vs ranges)

    I have recorded a macro to make a nice little series chart. The problem is that I have to create a range on a sheet with the first row containing the category titles and then a row containing the series values. I really would rather just pass two arrays to the chart macro one with the category titles and the other with the series values.
    The problem is that I can't seem to find the proper way to make a macro that accepts arrays rather than ranges.

    Can anybody offer a suggestion as to what this macro might look like?

    Thank You for any help you may offer

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    John Walkenbach addresses part of this with his Spreadsheet tips.

    Will this help you?
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    Talking Resp to Your Resp

    To be honest with you I don't really quite understand what he is doing.
    But thank you Shades for the response, I appreciate your time.

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