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    Unanswered: stored procedure error

    Hi guys !

    i am creating a stored procedure

    create procedure sp_date_param (IN inp_date,col_value varchar(50),tbl_name varchar(50)
    select count(*) from tbl_name where col_value='inp_date'

    o/s is aix 5.3 and db2 8.2.3 creating it via command editor !
    logic is that i want to give the name of the table in my datastage job and this tbl_name table doesnot exist which i will be passing through my datastaje job .

    please tell me what wrong am i doing ? what is the error why cant i parameterised the value in the procedure .
    i tried the same with db2 workbench .but its not parsing as it is not taking date value

    will appreciate a quick reply !!
    thank you very much
    oracle10gsingh !!

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    First please read the manual on the correct syntax for the CREATE PROCEDURE statement. Your parameter list is not declared properly for one. Second, this question gets asked a lot. You need to use dynamic sql. Look into PREPARE and EXECUTE statements. Also search this forum as this question has been answered many times.


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    Also, what should be done with the result of the query? You don't consume it...
    Knut Stolze
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