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    Unanswered: Materialized Views: Programatically know when a table is for a Materialized View

    Hi, I've been reading the schema of an Oracle database using OracleConnection.GetSchema from the Microsoft .Net Framework Provider for Oracle

    Managed to get Tables, Columns, RelationShips, Views, Indexes etc. but are however unable to get whether a table has been created specifically for use by an Materialized View

    Because when I try to alter the structure or data of such a table I get error saying that it is a materialized view and can therefore not be changed.

    Answer does not have to be by using the same provider and can even invole unmanaged code

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    You can simply retrieve the list of tables, views, indexes etc using the system view USER_OBJECTS:
    SELECT owner, object_name, object_type
    FROM user_objects
    That way you can distinguish all the different types.

    For more details see the Oracle reference it describes all the system views available

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