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    Unanswered: Custom Query/Reports

    I have a table with many records in associated with customers.

    I want to provide a one line query/report for the latest data per customer number. Example of this is

    Record 1

    Date: 13/01/08
    Customer No: 12
    Cover Level: 2

    Record 2

    Date: 14/01/08
    Customer No: 13
    Cover Level: 3

    Record 3

    date: 12/01/08
    Customer No: 12
    Cover Level: 3

    What I want using the above would be a report to only show the following:

    customer No 13 - Cover Level 3 from 14/01/08
    customer No 12 - Cover Level 2 from 13/01/08

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    This is generally done with 2 queries. The first is a totals query that groups by customer and returns the max date. The second query joins the first query to the original table on those 2 fields, enabling you to return the other values from the record with the max date. Your report would then be based on the second query.

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