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    Question Unanswered: How to automatically re-prioritize a record? - Queue change

    Hi all .. I'm new on Access and Iwould like to know the following.

    I have a Table with the following Table:

    Area | Priority | Description |Date to complete
    Funds | 1 | call client x | 01/31/2008
    Funds | 2 | call client y | 01/31/2008
    Funds | 3 | post sale of y | 01/31/2008
    Accounting| 1 | reconcile x | 01/21/2008
    Accounting| 2 | post delivery of x | 01/22/2008
    Accounting| 3 | reconcile z | 01/21/2008

    I want to implement a 'queue' of records that are prioritised ("Priority" in this case). I need to be able to 'move' the
    records up and down the queue to change their priority.

    The Priority # cannot be repeated. What if I have a new issue in areaa "Funds" for which I consider have a Priority of 2 and description is: "Close account 5663", how can I insert it and automatically the table "re-order" the priorities (in this case "call client y" priority changes to 3 and "post sale of y" priority changes to 4) ?

    I would like to see something like the DVD queue from blockbuster o netflix where you can update the order of the movies
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    if you want a non natural order then you have to assign that order yourself.

    if you can't work with date, category or a mix then you need to define another sort level. it gets complex and probably unmanageable if say you want to have a different sort order for different / each record type.

    its not unusual to define say a product category, but also define a report level.

    TransID autonumber
    TransDesc stirng / text / varchar
    ReportSeq byte

    23 "Funds 1 call client" 10
    10 "Funds 2 call client" 20
    1 "Funds 3 call client" 44
    34 "Accounting 2 post delivery" 250
    12 "Accounting 1 reconcile", 100
    2 "Accounting 3 reconcile", 255

    there is no reason why your couldn't have ties, and sort on the description as well as the reportseq

    12 "Accounting 1 reconcile", 255
    2 "Accounting 3 reconcile", 255


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