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    Unanswered: design / validation question

    I have a master container form that is bound to table1. Then I have a few subforms that are also databound.
    My question / problem is this:
    On the master form, there are a few fields that need to be defined as "mandatory" but the values cannot be specified until the user has gone through and filled in all the subforms. If I make them mandatory, the system doesn't let me fill out any of the subforms until a value is provided.
    How do i get around this?
    Any suggestions?

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    In your validation you must check the child forms first (order matters!)
    Once the child forms have passed validations (i.e. have records) you can begin to validate the master form.

    Make sense?
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    Make the field mandatory via CODE, rather than the Required property. The code can take into account the missing data and only validate it if the necessary values are present in the subform.
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