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    Question Unanswered: Run db without MS Office

    Hi Folks
    I need to know if it is possible somehow to run MS-Access dbs on a computer without having MS-office installed?

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    if you make your application either
    a Data Access Page, but you still have to have a licensce for each workstation using the app
    use Access runtime, which used to be a standalone product, but I think these days is part of the Office Developers Kit. Each workstation has a copy of the runtime environment (which is built by you to link the associated libraries your project needs) deployed to the desktop.

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    Depends on the version. Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime is a freely available download from Microsoft. All previous versions are licensed.

    All Access runtime versions are standalone products. You do not need any part of Microsoft Office to run an "Access Runtime" version.

    Either way, you need Access Runtime or the full version of Access to run an Access database.
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