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    Unanswered: HDR Issue please help

    Hello There,

    This is my first post, I am also having the same issue. The HDR is ON on both Primary and secondary servers but the log id/ Check point id is lagging behind on the secondary server.

    What are the effects of this and How can I correct it apart from a 0 level restore on secondary??



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    I am guessing you just started HDR, on the secondary the logs need to catch up so sit tight and let it do it's job at some point it will get in sync, there is nothing much you can do.

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    Hi, if you run "onstat -g dri", you must see State On, if not, the HDR is not sync.
    Check the online.log of the primary engine, to find messages like
    10:33:21 DR: Sending log xxxxx, size yyyyyy pages, zzz.xx percent used

    If so, then both servers are in sync proccess, if not, you must rebuild the replica. I hope this help you.

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