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    Unanswered: How to display a continuous form horisontally insted of verticallysubreport/form

    I'm trying to get my Access 2000 to display data horisontally instead of vertically in forms and reports. This to get a kind of tabular outlook wich makes data easier to compare. When doing this the standard way, I only get to show data vertically.

    It is like this:

    Name Bjorn
    Town Løten

    Name Ole
    Town Oslo

    I want it like this:

    Name Bjorn Ole
    Town Løten Oslo

    Anyone know how this is feasible?

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    Make your report tabular rather than columnar?

    This will give you:

    Name Town
    Bjorn Loten
    Ole Oslo

    Another angle you can examine is Crosstab Queries, but I'm not convinced this is what you need.
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    To get data to appear the way you want I think you will need to go into Page Setup and set up the Columns tab. Showing the headings may be a challenge though. I am not sure how you can do it properly.

    To show multiple people on a report page, you will have to first setup a subreport with name and town. Then edit the page setup and change the column width to 1 unit of measure (inch in the US) and tell Access there are x number of columns. I setup a subreport with 6 columns 1 inch width with no space between columns.

    Now, create a second report with your headings, and add your subreport to it. You should have row headers, followed by 6 columns of data.

    In my test, I was not sure how to repeat the headers at the beginning of each row.

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