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    Unanswered: Performance Issue

    Hi folks

    I have a ddl file that contains 100K statements(It contains drops , creation of table , creation of indexes,commits).

    This process ran all night and still finished only 20% of the statements.
    All it is doing is dropping the table and recreating table and adding indexes to the new table. I dont understand why DB2 is processing these statement so slow. What parameters can i tunne to improove the performance of DDLs(creation of objects).

    Iam on AIX5.3 UDB8.1 fixpack6.

    In the past 300K statement ran in less than two hours and iam trying to figure out why this perticular DDL is running so long.

    Any ideas !!!

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    The first place I would look would be the disk subsystem. Try to track the IO waits and go from there
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    Convert your script to a shell script were you can add a "date" command after each one to figure out which statements are taking a long time.
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    Do you have dropped-table-recovery turned on for your tablespaces? That may slow down the DROP statements.

    Also, if you add data to the tables, it is usually better to first load the data and then create indexes and foreign keys.
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