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    Unanswered: PowerBuilder with Access

    currently im using Msaccess as a database for a Pb application, everithing worked fine until today, im trying to access a view, either from the datawindow painter , or from the database painter isql window , everitime that i wan to acces a view i get the SQLSTATE= S1090
    Can anyone helpme, im using the microsoft ODBC driver.

    loquin: As neither MS Access or Powerbuilder are a database SERVER, I'm moving this thread into the correct forum...
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    Well, older versions of Access don't support views. (Pre JET 4.0) Which database version are you using? Have you ever had views working with Access? If yes, it must emulate them with Access; Have you changed any configuration settings in PB?

    ALso, note that with Jet 4.0, you must use the OleDB povider. Per Microsoft,
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    Note The CREATE VIEW and DROP VIEW statements can be executed only through the Jet OLE DB provider and ADO. They will return an error message if used through the Access SQL View user interface or DAO. Also note that views created with the CREATE VIEW statement are saved in the database, but are not exposed as saved queries in the Access user interface. You can work with them only in ADO and ADOX programming code.
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