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    Question Unanswered: fileextension gdb and dgz

    I have got the work to find out sth. about two files on an usb-stick of a dead friend.

    The files are
    - server.dgz

    I have allready found that the *.gdb file is a Interbase-DB file and I can open the DB.
    But I even do not have an idea for the other file.
    In the file I can find the following text
    "... Standard Jet DB....
    ...DateUpdate Owner Flags Database Connect ForeignName RmtInfoShort RmtInfoLong ..."
    So it seems to be sth. in relation to a database. Does someone can give me a direction where to search?

    Many thanks

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    try copying the file & renaming the extension to .MDB to see if it can be opened with MS Access (the standard JET database application)
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