I've downloaded the latest SDK from IBM Ver 3.00 TC3. I have successfully configured a linked server from my SQL Server 2005 to my IDS 9.4. Although I can select data OK I can’t insert into my IDS table, selecting from my SQL table.

insert into [I2FWT].[fwtsys].[informix].[fwoprods_insert]
(order_no, order_line_no, order_qty)
select order_no, order_line_no, order_qty
from scheme.opdetm where order_no='113307'

scheme.opdetm.order_qty is a float.

[I2FWT].[fwtsys].[informix].[fwoprods_insert].order_qty is a float.

This fails with an error saying it can’t insert.

If I change [I2FWT].[fwtsys].[informix].[fwoprods_insert] to decimal the insert is successful.