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    Unhappy Unanswered: Load database hangs


    Recently one of our server database went down.
    We are having HP OVPI applicaion installed on that, which got
    We tried to restore the db using a dmp file as follows,

    load database dpipe_db from "/backup/dpipe_db_200801242300.dmp"

    The dmp file is of size 13366116352 bytes

    But the command doesnt return to the db prompt nor it gives any error.
    It is running for a long time even for half a day or more.

    Is there any error/transaction log file to check the progress of the
    restoration process. Or what could be the problem?
    Attached is the error log file.

    The ASE version details below

    Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 9674 ESD 1/HP9000-735/
    HP-UX 10.2/FBO/

    The backup is from the same server(so source ASE & destination ASE are
    the same) which we already had.

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    Workaround for the Load database problem

    Actually the db server had not been online since it has crashed.
    So we had to drop the database,recreate it with same configurations & load(restore) from the backup dumo file and the work around in progress

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    The one you attached is the server log. Did you check the backup server log? It has progress in it and any errors if it cant load a database.

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