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    Unanswered: Simple Security Question

    Hello All...

    I have created a view based on 3 or 4 tables in a database. Now I need to set up a new login (for ODBC access) that accesses only that view (and no system tables or the underlying tables to the view). What would be the simplest way to accomplish this??


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    Look up logins-SQL Server, creating in BOL.

    Your mind will be enlightened by the plethora of information available.

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    ... also check out users and roles. You wouldn't give the login the permissions to the view as such - you would map that login to a user with the appropriate permissions (and that user may have the permissions assigned directly or assigned indirectly by being a member of a role assigned the appropriate permissions).

    login = access to server
    user = access to objects within databases

    Note though also that a login may be put into a server role which may then give them permissions to objects e.g. sysadmin allows access to everything.

    Easy eh?

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