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    Good database introductory book

    Hello everyone, I'm new to databases and need to learn.
    Anybody could suggest a good book to start with?
    Preferably, language independent , if not, one that has a good database concepts part.
    I think it is better to learn that way.

    Thanks in advance.
    I wasn't really sure were to post this so I did it here.

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    PostgreSQL is probably the most ANSI SQL compliant of any database, commercial or open source. PostgreSQL 8 for Windows has a good coverage of SQL, as well as quite a bit of info on databases in general, and (PostgreSQL in particular.) As such, it, combined with you downloading & installing PostgreSQL, could be a good starting point. It really doesn't discuss database design much though. It tells you HOW to perform certain tasks, but not much as to why you're doing them. There's some decent websites which discuss database design - for starters, take a look at the Database Design Resources thread at the top of the Database Concepts & Design Forum here at dBForums.
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