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    Unanswered: UNused columns on cursor in oracle package procedure

    I want to clean up some cursors in a procdure in a oracle package.
    I want to remove the unused columns that are on the select statement in the cursors, Is there a Oracle tool or a system view( i.e. sys. ) that can be used to list the unused columns?

    Or will somebody reccommend a tool or script that can be used to produce a cross reference of the code so I can use the cross reference listing to determine unused/used columns/variables in a procedure.


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    >I want to remove the unused columns that are on the select statement in the cursors,
    WHY? WHY? WHY?
    Data is read by data blocks.
    What measurable gain will result from your efforts?
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    Except if one of the unused columns is a BLOB or CLOB object, why worry about it?
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    anacedent, how about if the cursor could be satisfied *touching* only, for example, an index structure ?

    Yes, Data is read by data blocks, but if *could* improve it to read the lesser data blocks, then you will see some "measurable gain".

    But I agree with you somehow, why change it if its not broken.

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