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    Unanswered: Want to make mde file from inside access

    I want to program a button to make an mde file from insde the mdb with code. Anyone have any ideas ?
    I searched the archives but found mostly converting mde to mdb to get forms out of....
    Also found the following code:
    Dim accApp As Access.Application
    Set accApp = New Access.Application
    accApp.SysCmd 603, PathMdb, PathMde
    Set accApp = Nothing

    but does not work in Access 2003.

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    Sorry, I have never tried to do this, but I am very curious as to why you might want to do that
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    Well, I have a large database and make mods every night and have to create an MDE for distribution to workstations, and just trying to save a few keystrokes and time here and there.

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    the MDB cannot "MDEize" itself with 603

    you could use a separate .MDx & 603 to MDEize your .MDB but will it provide a huge saving of keystrokes on its own?
    ?? maybe a separate .MDx that performs all your distribution steps: 603; copy/ftp the MDE to wherever it is going; etc might be worthwhile.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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