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    Red face Unanswered: Subform comparison of 2 tables excluding non zero value

    I am creating a subform (Access 2003/NT) in which the user will type in a Melt# (contained in the tblChemicalResults). I need to create a side by side comparison of the chemical requirements from the tblChemicalRequirements to the actual results contained in the tblChemicalResults, but I need it to exclude any non zero values from both tables. Each table contains all of the possible 14 different metal elements that could possibly go into making a particular part. Obviously, not all 14 go into every part, so how do I display only the elements that have a non zero value while also displaying the corresponding Melt# (or possibly #'s)?

    ANY help to any portion of this would be greatly appreciated!! Even if it's just the best way to create the side by side comparison in a subform or not.

    Sadly, I have been trying to figure this our for far more time than I am willing to admit. I am relatively new to this, so please have patients in my foolishness as I am sure this is some pretty easy and basic stuff.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!!!
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    What you're looking for is a PIVOT query; check the help files for a wee bit more info and give it a go.
    If you find you are struggling post back what you have tried and any results you have obtained.
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    Thanks! I'll give it a try.

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