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    Unanswered: materialized view performance/size?

    I was wondering if anyone had any particular estimates or rules of thumb on when to move from Materialized views to Streams for a particular set of tables.

    Our basic problem is common, we have an OLTP system or systems and we want to replicate that data to a decision support database.

    - We have no need to transform the data, the table structure will be identical.
    - Data-Currency requirements are in the range of 10 minutes

    I would prefer to use materialized views as much as possible due to the simplicity and how well it maps to our architecture, but I do not know yet what the "threshold" for moving to a different replication strategy would be. When is the table size/update frequency so high that it would be wiser to use single directional streams instead of materialized views?

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    I think more a "table size/update frequency" limitation, it is about preferance and "what you need".

    They are certain limitations with each technology as far as I know:

    for example, to use streams the db must be in ARCHIVELOG mode, need to set certain init parameters, etc. With mvs, everything is "transactional", there's no redo log read/apply service, etc.

    For me, it all comes down with preference and ease of use. I would stick with it until after my requisities change and cannot be fullfilled with what I am currently using.

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