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    Unanswered: skiping query

    Has anyone had a problem with access not sometimes executing a query. I have a program that sometimes it skips over a query with out executing but at other times it runs fine. I am at a lost as to why this is happing. There is no error codes at any time when this happens.

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    im no advanced person in databases but i know a bit about hardware (but i doubt this is the reason why) maybe the ram timing is skipping by a ms it would account for exicution error with out error msg as it only takes around one ms per instruction to be processed(like i said its probibly not the reason for your prob but i like trying to help ppl)

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    Are you sure it's not executing at all, or is it just executing too early or late?

    What is the query and how are you calling it?
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    Are you sure that the query isn't running, or is it that the query is running its just not finding any data that matches its definition.

    The other potential cause could be a conditional branch somewhere else in the list of work which causes the query block to be not used.

    The other problem I've seen is where an error condition elsewhere causes the whole process to fail, or triggers a restore

    I think it may help if you could give more detail about what you are trying to do, how you are currently doing it, and what log files you run to work out what has been done.

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