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    C++ & DB calls architecture

    Hi All -

    We are building a client server application where the client reports activities back to the server for logging purposes. Thus, insert/update doesn't have to be immediate and can happen on a predefined schedule (in minutes). The client may also query the database, but mostly for specific records not for a large datasets.

    It is expected that there will be a lot of information going from the clients to the Server on a frequent basis.

    Now for the fun part - the client is a C++ App, what is the best way to structure the database calls ?

    * Embedded (Embedded C that is wrapped in C++) ;
    * Stored procedures that are invoked by the Server based on ID and prm that are recived from the client;
    * SQL statements that are defined in external XML file and are executed by the client or server
    * Other ?

    The main concern is ease of implementation and manageability from development perspective.

    Any recommendations?

    In addition, our design calls for a queue system on the server side which accumulates the updates from the agents and does the database write on occasion (based on load, priority etc) - does this makes sense ? what are the "best practices"?

    Appreciate your help -


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    I, and probably most, would go for the second of your bullets. The main thing is your database and application are now decoupled. If this is large scale then great - your DB specialists work on the SQL side of things and your C++ specialists work on the C++ side of things. If it is not, then it still means that one side of your client server architecture is insulated against changes to the other.

    For your last question - "best practice" depends on your specific requirements. If you are reporting on this data than typically best practice would not involve asynchronous changes like this but like I say - depends on your needs.

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