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    Unanswered: I have a crazy question!!! (Possible or Un-Possible?)

    Let me please start off by saying if your response to this question is:

    "That's retarded! Why are you doing it that way! Do it this way!"

    Please refrain from answering my query. With that out of the way, here I go.

    I have attached a Sql Server 7.0 db (.mdf and .ldf file) to an instance of MSSQL 2000. When this attach happens, MSSQL2000 automatically upgrades it.

    I then detach the db, and place the modified files back into the directory the Server 7.0 instance looks for. Obviously the format of the db files (.mdf and .ldf) have changed following the upgrade. I need to know if there is anything I can do (script or programmatically) to modify the files so that my Sql Server 7.0 instance can read them properly when the engine goes online.

    Thank you in advance for any tidbits you can provide

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    on the wrong server
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    as far as I know there is no downgrade procedure.
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    As Thrasymachus said, there is no downgrade procedure. in order to get the data back to the 7.0 machine, you will need to export the data from SQL 2000, and import it back to the 7.0 server. DTS can export the data directly to the 7.0 database, but the stored procedures, users, permissions, etc. will have to be scripted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rationalBean
    Let me please start off by saying if your response to this question is:

    "That's retarded! Why are you doing it that way! Do it this way!"

    Please refrain from answering my query.
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    There is no automated or Microsoft supported way to migrate a database from SQL 2000 back to SQL 7.

    There are a number of ways that you can do it, they just aren't automated or supported by Microsoft. Some of these ways are relatively simple, but all of the ways that I know need at least a "helper" instance of SQL 2000.

    Would it be acceptable to leave the database running on SQL 2000 (or better yet SQL 2005) and simply set the database compatibility level to SQL 7? This gets you the syntax and behavior that SQL 7 had, but on a supportable product. SQL 7 has been in "Extended Support" for over two years, so reverting back to it now is a very questionable business decision.


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    Can you backup/restore instead of detach/attach ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMASchmed
    Can you backup/restore instead of detach/attach ?
    No. You can't restore to an earlier version.

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    Just curious though, can you explain the process model as why you need to do this?

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