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    Unanswered: loading data into tables frm txt files

    Hi. I'm new to DB2. My question is how do i load the data which is in the form of a .txt file. The data was already loaded into the table but 15 rows could not be loaded as such I was asked to do it again. There was no error report provided to me by the person who had done this.Should i just load the rows which were rejected or should i load the entire data? There are around 5 million rows that need to be loaded into a table. Could some one please advice me how to go about doing this ASAP


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    what is in the message file. what command did u run?

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    Can you ask the person who has loaded the data about the exception table.
    We have an option in LOAD that keeps all the rows that were rejected.

    Once you have the information, then you can check why these rows were not loaded, accordingly you can correct them and load them (only rejected rows)

    -- Sanjay

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