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    Unanswered: transaction processing(TP) monitor elements

    Hi all,

    does anyone know what are these monitor elements for
    TP Monitor client user ID
    TP Monitor client workstation name
    TP Monitor client application name
    TP Monitor client accounting string

    I have seen from a monitoring tool that these are application connected but when I do "list applications show detail " it doesnt show me anything about those connections. We are having some performance issue from application and developers think that is causing the problem

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can refer to this link for the details on these elements:

    "db2 list applications show detail" will give the details of all applications that are running under the instance. It displays all information about the agents that are serving the applications. It does display the client Auth ID.

    A sample output:

    db2 list applications show detail

    CONNECT Auth Id Application Name Appl. Application Id Seq# Number of Coordinating DB Coordinator Status Status Change Time DB Name DB Path
    Handle Agents partition number pid/thread
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------- -------------------------------------------------------------- ----- ---------- ---------------- --------------- ------------------------------ -------------------------- -------- --------------------
    SAKUMAR9 db2stmm 66037 *N1.DB2.080207111334 00011 0 1 0 Decoupled Not Collected SAMPLE /home/sakumar9/sakumar9/NODE0000/SQL00001/

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