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    Unanswered: File export at change in Cust?

    I am working with large text files.
    I have a request to break up 1 large text file into indiviudal files.

    My data example is, i have more fields, but in hopes of keeping it simple this is what i have.
    CustID, CustName.

    The large file currently has over 100 different CustID's. The request is to create a csv file at each change in the custID and to name the file "CustName".csv

    i was able to create VBA code to export to CSV at the click of a button, however it exports the whole table or the whole query, how could i create it creates a file per?

    export code...
    Private Sub Command19_Click()
    DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, , "qryMiffcoIncoming", "c:\my documents\\test_csv.csv"
    'Shell "excel.exe C:\test_csv.xls ", vbNormalFocus ' Opens Specified file
    End Sub

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    Ummm... by using more than one line of code?!

    Seriously, I don't know where to start. Command19, the double backslashes in the filepath, the uselessly copied Shell command or processing records one by one.

    Homework assignment?
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