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    Unanswered: Experience w/ UniVerse Data Extraction Using mv.NET, ODBC, OLEDB or ??

    Hello All,

    I'm working with a rather large Universe database servicing about 800 people driving business applications for accounting(GL, AP, AR), point of sale(travel, sundry products), inventory and membership processing.

    With the industry push in the direction of CRM, interest is growing within my employer. The ones responsible for our CRM strategy want an easy way to pull data from out UniVerse operational database into a SQL server and eliminate as much confusion with multivalues as posible.

    What are everyone's thoughts on using mv.NET, ODBC, OLEDB or some other middleware to extract data from a UniVerse database?


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    Has anyone had any experience with data extraction, using any of the above tools?

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    Universe data extraction

    Hi Setan

    did you get what you needed ?
    I came late to this thread (as you can see !!)

    I know of a server based tool that doesn't require ODBC as it extracts using native access, owned by a company in Australia called KSA see It's not mentioned on the home page but drop them a line and see how you go ...

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