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    Unanswered: Free space in file directory for a reorg

    Good morning! We're running DB2 on AIX for the repository for TAM (Tivoli Access Manager). I'm not that familiar with TAM, but it's used for AIX security. We don't do any deletes from TAM, just inserts. Updates, not sure? I was told to run monthly reorgs on the TAM databases and indexes. So, I set up a monthly job to do this. Our TAM person doesn't monitor the freespace where the DB2 tablespaces are out. DB2 gets errors on the reorg when the file system gets to be over 90%. They're wanting to set up a monitor notification that when TAM gets to XX%, we need to add more space to the directory.

    For an online reorg, is there a general rule on how much free space that needs to be in the file directory? We're thinking that we should start adding space when the tablespace directory hits 80%. Is this too high?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Try specifying a system temporary table space for DB2 to use during the reorg, so that a lot of freespace in the regular tablespace where the data is currently located is not required. See the Command Reference for details.
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