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    Unanswered: When he modifies a stored procedure, the name changes....why?

    *I have no idea what a stored precedure is and am posting this for a coworker*

    Apparently the problem is that he has a stored procedure which he can modify, compile and run with no issues except when he does this the name of the newly modified procedure has changed. So if he takes a stored procedure named bbbb, and he modifies/compiles/runs it, it would automatically change to bbbb* where the star is an added alphanumeric sequence. The tool he's using to edit the procedure is RapidSQL. Has anyone heard of this? I don't know anything about this, so any response you write you don't have to dumb it down, I'll just have him read it. I am a Java programmer, just never worked with these.

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    Hi Dan,

    A stored procedure is nothing more then a procedure written in SQL so you can execute a bit of precompiled code on the server to do some more complex things on your server.

    As for the behavior your describing. I think its rapid SQL doing this for him, I've never seen Sybase do this automatically. I would assume that the version with the number is the original stored procedure, not the new one. Atleast I know from ErStudio, another tool made by the guys that created RaipdSQL does this for table changes. It will rename the original table with a numeric sequence, create the new table, and then move the data over. This way you do not loose the original table in case something goes wrong and you can drop the old table whenever you've checked things went ok.

    But since I've not worked with RapidSQL much I can't say if it does similar things with Stored procedures for sure.

    Bastiaan Olij

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    I experience the same situation with DBArtisan, another embarcadero tool, and this appens (at least in artisan) when artisan hang with some error, then can't re-create the procedure but save a backup from it with the same name + (numbers)

    This numbers are not random, in some place of this number saves the date, the SPID and some more information about the client and the object...

    If this error repeat too much, better try another tool or reconfigure the db lib's, may have some conflict with this...


    P.S.: Sorry mi english :P
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    Awesome guys, thanks. I'll email it to him to let him know.

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