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    Unanswered: Health snapshot --Alarm

    Hi all,

    When I ran the command get health snapshot for database on cap

    I get this indicator state as Alarm.
    Can someone tell me how to solve this? Thanks in advance

    Indicator Name = db.max_sort_shrmem_util
    Value = 0
    Unit = %
    Evaluation timestamp = 02/05/2008 20:00:28.113691
    Alert state = Alarm

    Then I ran the cmd get recommendations on healt snapshot...


    Indicator Name = db.max_sort_shrmem_util
    Value = 0
    Evaluation timestamp = 02/05/2008 20:00:28
    Alert state = Alarm
    Additional information = The high watermark for shared sort memory is "0". "99"% of the time the sort heap allocation is less than or equal to "246". The sort heap (sortheap) database configuration parameter is set to "256". The high watermark for private sort memory is "685".


    Recommendation: Decrease shared sort heap threshold.
    Rank: 1

    But when I look at the db parms

    Sort heap thres for shared sorts (4KB) (SHEAPTHRES_SHR) = (SHEAPTHRES)

    does this mean its value is 0?

    Thank you all once again...

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    Did you get an answer?
    I have the same problem.
    Best regards

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