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    Unanswered: open form multiple times

    My project is in MS Access 2002.
    In that I want to open one form multiple times.
    I put one button on my main form.
    Now whenever I click on that button than form will be open.
    Now when I click again on that same button than it will open same form again in seperate window.
    But instead of that already open form comes.and so i couldn't open that form multiple times.
    Already open form must be remain as it is even if I click on that button to open the same form again.
    I want this, bcz I am using this form to enter some readings, taken at half hour time interval,in table.If I couldn't open form multiple times than at the end of day I have to enter the all readings.And it will take time(1 hour) bcz this readings are taken from different line in production area.And in my company we have 30-40 production lines in one room.we have 9 rooms like this.
    If I can open same form multiple times than whenever someone taken readings and give me at half hour interval than I can enter it at that my work be in progress every half hour and I don't have to enter all readings at the end of day.

    So plz if someone have solution then give it to me.

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    I'll echo what I know you've already been told, that this probably isn't the best way to solve the problem, but:

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    Here's one I made earlier
    I don't know what you've already been told but it doesn't sound to me like you need to open the same form n times simultaneously from what you said.

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    Using this info I can open the form multiple times.
    But I want to enter details in table.
    So when I enter different details in both form(same form open twice) open at a time and save it and check table then it simply enter the details of first open form twice in table.
    So can u tell me how can I enter details from both form?
    Thanks for ur reply.

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    Dim objx as New myFormname

    To 2nd question
    recordset should then be locked for other user
    else the last 1 who saves wins

    else do a
    rs("name") = trim(rs("name") & " " & txt1.text)
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