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    Unanswered: Error in default data cache

    I am seeing the following error in my DBCC logs. I have rebooted the server more than once and have run a single user DBCC with fix option. The error is still showing up in subsequent DBCCs

    21:59:48 Sybase message 697 , Severity 16 , state 1
    Server ` server1 '
    An attempt was made to fetch logical page '518291' for object
    21:59:48 '1150627142' in database '5' from cache 'default data cache'. Wrong
    21:59:48 logical page '518163' was found in cache.

    I was hoping to find out what else it could be. The error remains the same each time.

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    Most likely the corruption is there since you have bounced the server and also tried running fixalloc.

    Check for any hardware errors.

    If no luck, suggest rebuilding the table by bcp out / in.

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