Hi everyone,

First let me make it clear that we are not a recruitment agency. We are an Australian games company based in Sydney, Australia that creates leading middleware MMOG technology using Linux mission critical servers and Windows based 3D clients. We are interested in hiring a Senior Database individual with the required technical abilities that enjoys thinking and solving technical and design challenges in a creative environment.

Our team is challenging, exciting, constantly evolving and most importantly, an enjoyable and great team to work with.

This is a true unique opportunity so if you think that you have what it takes just let me know.

The requirements for the role are straight forward:

Do you have a minimum of 3 years strong (emphasis on STRONG) MySQL experience?

Are you familiar with database scaling, optimisation, performance tuning and partitioning?

Are you familiar with Linux in a clustered environment?

Do you have strong C++ with minimum 5 years experience?

If you think that you fit that description and live in Sydney or would consider relocating then let me know. The successful candidate will not be disappointed.