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    Unanswered: Initalizing HADR on linux

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to set up HADR what is needed to do so? I am running DB2 V9 on linux intel. Thanks

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    check the high availability guide - hadr is explained in detail.
    only some db2 commands are needed to do a quick setup of hadr
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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    1)Take a full backup from primary..Ship it to secondary and restore it on secondary.Secondary should be in rollforward pending

    2)Update HADR related parameters HADR_LOCAL_HOST,SVC,TIMEOUT..
    on both secondary and primary

    3)start hadr on standby as standby and then primary

    4)use db2pd -db dbname -hadr to monitor the HADR

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