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    Unanswered: DB2 issue - with IMPROMPTU - specifies CLI, i do not use cli. cli is in db2 client???

    error number -9:
    DMS-E-GENERAL, A general exception has occurred during operation 'asynchronous open'.
    [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/HP64] SQL0443N Routine "SYSIBM.SQLTABLES" (specific name "TABLES") has returned an error SQLSTATE with diagnostic text "SYSIBM:CLI:-805". SQLSTATE=38553


    1) i am able to connect using DB2 client & ODBC connection
    2) i tested ODBC connection and it is fine (via control panel)
    3) i am using IBM Cognos Impromptu and trying to set up a new catalog and am unable to get a listing of the tables. when i try to get a listing of the tables, i get the above error
    4) connection test is fine within impromptu (connection to database okay)
    5) i am able to connect and get a listing of tables using impromptu - for a different database. this database is on the same server.

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    CLI is the "Call Level Interface". It is essentially the same as ODBC. Whatever IMPROMPTU is, it is using DB2 under the covers.

    The connectivity is not an issue. What is an issue is the -805 SQLCODE, which means that a certain package required by CLI could not be found. You may want to try rebinding CLI packages ("db2 bind @db2cli.lst"). My guess would be that some application isn't properly closing cursors/statements and, thus, you run out of CLI packages that handle those.
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