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    Unanswered: Form with subforms accessing same table with different filters

    I am building a database to track jobs and performance. We manage real estate and frequently go back to the same location. We have 4 types of jobs based on which crew will be working on it. We have open jobs and completed jobs. I am using Access 2003

    When I enter a new job and put in an address I would like a subform to display all completed jobs for that location. If someone had done the same work there a few weeks ago, we will want him to go back and do it right.

    When I enter the type of job (Minor repair, major reconstruction, emergency service call), I want to see other jobs of that type on another subform. I would have it sorted by employee assigned to the job. I would then look to see what employees are free to accept this new job.

    We have an incentive program and do not want to pay incentive for the same work done twice. We also want to balance out the workflow among different employees.

    Is there a way to have multiple sub forms referring back to the same table? Will I have to open them as multiple forms and key in data rather than looking at what had been keyed in in the main form?
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