My name is Sean and I represent a young and promising Internet startup in Orange County. A team of 2—President and Chief Financial Officer—are seeking a prospective Chief Technology Officer to join the company.

Specifically, the startup is seeking an Entrepreneur-like minded individual fluent in PHP/MySQL, Search Engine Marketing, and a love and understanding of Web 2.0, with experience in Internet display advertising and ad serving technology.

The job would require you to work on site with us in South Orange County and your responsibilities would include:

1. Developing and managing a website using a CMS (custom or open source) that utilizes PHP and MySQL

2. Meeting the website’s marketing objectives using superior Search Engine Marketing (primarily SEO)

3. Managing the display ad serving (probably Dart for Publishers) and the website’s analytics

Great compensation is offered for those qualified and you’d be working with a cool couple of guys. If you’re interested, feel like you’re a fit for the job, and are motivated by the possibilities of early retirement (like us), please answer these 3 questions:

(1) How fluent are you with PHP, MySQL, and Search Engine Marketing (primarily SEO)?

(2) What is your Internet marketing experience, specifically with display advertising and ad serving technologies?

(3) How comfortable are you with Web 2.0?

Email replies to me personally at seanfwaters@gmail.com or post them here.
Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.