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    Hi All,

    Can someone please help me figure out the Index Usage in DB2 UDB.I have 50different queries which select data from 15 tables.To improve the performance of the query we have been trying to use db2advisor to come up with Indexes which advises creating new Indexes on fields a1,a2,a3 which already has an index created on the same columns but in a different order a3,a2,a1.Similarly the db2advis has come up with index recommendations with the same set of columns but different orders. Finally I end up with 6 Indexes with same set of columns but different order for the 50 queries I have. Can someone please suggest would it still be a good idea to keep these six indexes or just keep 1 index with any order of the columns to improve load and delete performance. Will it degrade the query performance with a single index ????

    Thanks In Advance...

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    You would have to provide the queries and the table DDL.

    The index advisor only optimizes a single query, and does not balance the competing needs of multiple queries.
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