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    Unanswered: Nightmare Bug. !! Plz Help

    hi all

    at once when i try to edit or open some forms i got such error msg

    "There isn't enough memory to perfrom this operation. close unneeded programs and try the operation again."

    I have 1GB Ram so it is sure silly msg !! what to do


    plz help

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    Compact and repair

    if that does not work

    try importing everything into an new database
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    That error message may also be triggered by low resources. There is a finite amount of resources in the system, if you have many programs open that can eat up resources.

    another problem is if you have run a program which has a memory leak... it could be your own app not closing file handles, connections etc, it could be you are running some other software which isn't especially house-proud and tidies up properly. Lots of programs have these problems, some serious expensive stuff from big commercial concerns, some free stuff from one man bands.

    It seems to be especially a problem for image editing software.

    If Myle's compact and repair doesn't clear the fault, Id suspect you may well have run a program which has a memory leak. If you do hit it, try to work out what applications you have used, to avoid using them.

    I'd also make it a habit to periodically make sure you do a reboot of your PC, at least daily, and possibly more frequently if you are developing or experiencing problems. That of course makes the assumption that your PC doesn't reboot on its own cause with a BSOD or two..

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    could be a unique situation, but we have ID card readers on our keyboards, and if the card has slid out a little, it can give this error. pull card out. put card back in and it works. probably not the case in your situation, but could be.

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