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    Unanswered: Web Page HTML

    i am trying to copy web page content using VBS
    this is a secure web page (HTTPS) and i am unable to log in using my script
    i am loading the web manualy entering user/pass

    first i have tried create an object to interact with the IE windows and save the View Source ( this is the best solution) but i read that is impossible using VBS

    now i am just trying to do CTRL A and the CTRL C and then paste it directly to excel or to output file

    still i have no success

    this is what i did so far

    set wshshell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    'WScript.Sleep 1000
    wshshell.SendKeys "^A"

    no luck at all

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's sending the focus to the window container (i.e. the iexplore.exe) not the web page window.

    May I ask why you're trying to do this?
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    that's a start, how do i focus on the web page then ?

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    by the way

    You won't be able to copy a password from a https page.

    https means it's secure. so a screen grab won't work.
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