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    Unanswered: Slow Query with IAnywhere


    I have an IAnywhere database with around 75 tables. I have a script that I routinely run against these tables to filter out the information I need, but for some reason the performace has gotten very slow. (taking about 10 times longer).

    Now admittedly I have added 3-5 columns (which aren't being searched in the query) to most of the tables, but I wouldn't think that would affect the time it takes to run a queries very much. Currently the queries are taking 10-20 times longer than prior to my addition of the new columns.

    Just curious if anyone has had a similar issue.


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    Try posting your question on a forum dedicated to SQL Anywhere: sybase.public.sqlanywhere.general on the newsgroup server.

    Include the SQL for the query and base tables, and tell us what version you are using.

    There are a zillion things to look for when dealing with performance problems. Like hard drive fragmentation; setting for the OPTIMIZATION_GOAL database option (should probably be 'All-rows'); have a look at the "graphical plan with statistics" in dbisql (and you can save/send me the plan in XML to look at), and so on.


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