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    Unanswered: Simple Group Sorting

    Hi, I want to take the information in a simple excel table and create a report that will generate the same info 3 times, each time sorting/grouping on a different column

    Here is the table

    And here is the report that I'm trying to generate (first sorted by name, alphabetically, then grouped by rank, then grouped by size)

    I'm comfortable working with excel tables in Crystal, but I'm running into a problem repeating the information and then sorting each group separately. I also have no problem doing each group in a single report (without repeating any records), but I'd like to include all 3 groups in a single report.

    My apologies for how remedial this question is- I thought for sure that Crystal could do this easily but I've spent a couple of days on this and am running into a brick wall.

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    You can create formulas that will duplicate your data. Once you have done this you can then sort by the formulas you have created.

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